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As a web design company of India we are well aware of the increasing competition that businesses are entering into in the online sector. It rarely matters if your services are available online only or if you use the internet to simply make your presence felt – if your website is not designed properly, you do not stand a chance in the present day world. Any web designing company in India will help you get a good looking website but at Magnon International, we focus on merging effectiveness, utility and profitability with aesthetics.

We are a set of digital professionals who are eager to know how you have visualised your website and your business strategies before setting out with the designing. We try to find out as much as possible about your desires and long term goals so that we are able to provide you with such a solution which will remain valid and useful for a prolonged period. Unlike most web designing companies in India, we try to look at ways at cutting your costs by planning in a way so that the final outcome needs no or little alteration.

We try to provide each of our clients with customized web designs and services so that they are able to reach out to a much classified group of target audience, the kind they are trying to reach out to. Designs and suggestions by Magnon International, which happens to be among the top India web design company and service providers, helps your business and organisation to stay ahead of the competition by being unique, by carrying a flavour which is special to you and you only.

The decisions taken by the web design and development India section of our company includes smart designs for your website, traffic driving yet meaningful and rich content and an assortment of the latest in web technology – all to make your website more useful, friendlier and visually more appealing to the user. Our team consists of highly experienced men and women who know how to give shape to your dreams and ideas and to balance it with the latest in the digital world to create something useful and unique.

To continue, our designers have extensive expertise in the open source and built in solution web template design:

  • Custom website template design.
  • WordPress website template design.
  • Joomla website template design.
  • Drupal website template design.
  • Magento website template design.
  • Volusion website template design.
  • Zencart website template design.
  • Mobile website template design.
  • And many more...